Customizing Chatbots for Your Company’s Needs

  • January 16, 2018

    Customizing Chatbots for Your Company's Needs

    Chatbots aren’t just for your customers. Companies are using these for optimizing internal processes as well. By giving you a streamlined approach to accessing data and key information, chat bots are revolutionizing the internal help desk. We’ll look at how businesses currently implement chatbot technology to drive efficiencies within their organizations.

    Harness the Power of Convenience

    At home, you may already utilize a technology like Siri or Alexa. They help out with simple tasks like telling you the weather, adding something to your grocery list or playing the latest news headlines. These little perks using chatbots can also present major time saving opportunities in the workplace. Companies prioritized data collection, storage and analysis for years now. Data regarding internal processes, market intelligence and customer information that can help employees tremendously, is often stored in disconnected systems throughout the organization.  

    Breaking Down Informational Silos

    For example, an account manager may be writing an SOP for a brand new customer. She wants to incorporate financial and billing information on the document. How much credit did we grant the new customer in Shanghai and Vancouver? What does their D&B rating look like? What is the company’s market cap? While these may seem like very straightforward questions, she may need to search through three separate websites or systems to find them. What if she could just ask a chatbot that could immediately scan both internal systems and credible internet sources for the answers? In turn, she would save up to fifteen minutes of time researching. At Attunix, we believe the solution is simple; you automate.

    Automating information gathering through the use of chatbots empowers your employees to access answers immediately whenever and wherever. It can also help break through silos of systems and data storage that often end up wasting time and decreasing operational efficiency.

    Real Companies Using Chatbots Now

    Business Insider highlights several venerable companies already utilizing chatbots for internal purposes. Allstate launched an AI virtual assistant to help field questions from their 12,000 agents nation-wide and in turn improve customer service.

    While most companies investing in chatbots apply the technology to customer-facing applications, it’s only a matter of time before more implement them to increase worker efficiency.