It’s All Connected: How the Internet of Things Can Add Efficiency to Your Business

  • September 18, 2017

    It's All Connected: How the Internet of Things Can Add Efficiency to Your Business

    Have you been hearing the phrase “Internet of Things”? Maybe you were at a business luncheon and a fellow entrepreneur brought it up. Or maybe your developer team keeps bringing it up, but you’re not sure exactly what they’re referring to. It’s understandable, too. Just like the concept of the cloud baffled some businesses when it first debuted, the Internet of Things will take some time to become a familiar concept. However, as a savvy business owner, you’ll want to hop on board with this concept now. Let us show you.

    What is the Internet of Things?

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is actually a much more simple concept than it may appear. It’s all about making connections – specifically with the technology you probably already have in your office. Loosely put, IoT is a network of devices connected via the Internet. This could be anything from your computers and phones to dishwashers and cars. The payoff is that it creates seamless interaction between these “things,” allowing them to talk with each other and work together. By connecting software and devices you’re already using in your office, you can add a whole new level of efficiency to their work.

    How Does it Add Efficiency?

    This may sound too good to be true, but there are virtually limitless possibilities with IoT. Its practical uses for your business included. IoT is great for your internal operations because it lets your business run your apps and monitor productivity regardless of what device you’re on. You can jump from your computer at your desk to your smartphone or tablet in a meeting and not miss a step.

    IoT is also great for monitoring equipment and collecting data. When Attunix linked up the Nebraska-based company SmartRows, they were specializing in a precision liquid fertilizer solution that farmers could attach to their planters. They wanted a better way to monitor the crops and ensure plants were getting the correct amount of fertilizer. Utilizing IoT, we were able to help their product deliver real-time data on crops, allowing farmers to see exactly the amount of fertilizer their crops were getting and insights that help them know what to do next.

    This isn’t just limited to the agriculture world. Data is becoming more and more crucial for business. It’s a means of monitoring your productivity, seeing how your customers are interacting with your products, and helps predict where you’re best options are for deploying your resources. It takes out guesswork so you can get back to actual work. If that’s not efficiency, I’m not sure what is.

    Curious how your business could benefit from IoT integration? Attunix can help. Reach out to our team and we’ll work with you on finding ways to make your business more efficient and running seamlessly.