How CMOs can Learn About IoT

  • March 8, 2018

    How CMOs can Learn About IoT

    IoT strategy is increasingly becoming an integral part of digital transformations. At the surface, those most involved with IoT strategy include CSOs, CTOs, and IT professionals. However, the technology permeates throughout all aspects of business.

    When companies create their technology and digital strategies, all facets of the business must be involved; especially marketing. IoT devices play a pivotal role in how consumers shop today. Companies that integrate IoT into their marketing strategies will gain a competitive edge in today’s tech focused retail environment.

    The IoT buzz isn’t new. But for marketing professionals, this may seem like uncharted territory. Deanna Salas of Forbes writes how CMOs can catch up on the latest IoT trends and integrate them into their marketing strategies.

    Share the Knowledge Internally

    First initiate conversations internally with those most familiar with IoT. This may include other C-suite officers or IT professionals. Ask them what they know about IoT and if it plays a part in their strategy. If it does, then encourage your colleagues to host a meeting or webinar to discuss IoT technologies and educate the rest of the organization. Find the person with knowledge of IoT who can explain technical concepts to non-technical professionals.

    Engage in Social Media

    Salas suggests CMOs use what they know best to learn more about IoT; social media. Relevant news stories and information will appear in your feed as part of your daily information digest. Before you know it, IoT will become a natural part of your marketing outlook. Salas suggests following Austin-based blogger Stacey Higginbotham, @GigaStacey, on Twitter to learn about consumer IoT. She also hosts a podcast centered on IoT topics. For enterprise IoT, Salas recommends following Peggy Smedley, @ConnectedWMag, on Twitter. Smedley blogs about IoT, AI and blockchain technology.

    Next, setup Google alerts to receive a daily consolidated email with the latest IoT news stories. Learn about everything from innovation to application to consumer trends that you may want to leverage in your marketing strategy this year.