Cloud Service 101: Simple Definition of Cloud Services

  • July 12, 2018

    Cloud Service 101: Simple Definition of Cloud Services

    Attunix really evolved into the company it is today because of the cloud. We committed to the cloud back in 2006. In order to scale in an efficient and cost effective manner with limited resources, we relied completely on the then nascent cloud computing technology. Ever since then, we went on to help our clients achieve their business goals through cloud services.

    Through the cloud, we deliver a wide array of business solutions from app modernization to IoT implementation. In this post we will define the various cloud services we offer and highlight some of their transformative capabilities.


    Definition of Cloud Services

    Cloud services are any services made available to users through the internet. Most cloud services allow customers to pay based on usage. Instead of hosting applications or programs over a company’s proprietary server, cloud services are accessed through the provider’s servers or through public internet channels.

    See our previous post to learn about the types of cloud service models and their various benefits and tradeoffs: Top 5 Most Commonly Used Cloud Services Model for App Modernization

    One of the most common types of cloud services in the business world is software as a service better known as SaaS. Organizations outsource SaaS for a wide array of business functions from ERP to CRM to HR software. The SaaS industry will be worth an estimated $132.5 billion by 2020.

    At Attunix we focus our cloud services in five main categories: modern datacenters, managed services, app modernization, internet of things (IoT) and advanced analytics.


    Modern Datacenter

    To fully take advantage of cloud services, businesses first need to migrate as much of their data and operations to the cloud as they can. Cloud migration then allows for building modern datacenters to keep up with contemporary business demands.

    We help clients migrate either a portion of or their entire datacenter into Microsoft Azure. With data housed in a modern cloud datacenter, companies can grow faster and foster more innovation.

    The modern datacenter allows for business continuity and mitigates risk with easy disaster recovery. About 50% of companies today rely on backup data as their only recovery plan! In today’s interconnected world, company data is becoming increasingly valuable yet vulnerable. The Attunix StorSimple team helps clients set up their modern datacenters correctly and securely so they can monitor and govern their data.

    As discussed in our previous post covering the different types of cloud services models, we can also implement hybrid datacenters. Companies may require housing their data on-premise for a variety of reasons. We work with clients to prioritize what functions and data elements to migrate to the cloud in alignment with current and future business needs. Part of this may involve developing a road map or a long term plan for full cloud migration.


    App Modernization

    Developing, deploying and maintaining new applications can be time consuming and costly. The cloud offers opportunities to advance your business using the infrastructure already contained in house. One of the primary cloud services we offer at Attunix is app modernization. As both technology and business goals evolve, app modernization proves to be an effective way to meet your changing IT needs without needing to overhaul an entire legacy system.

    Migrating applications to the cloud allows for better scalability, flexibility and faster time to market. However, app modernization involves much more than migrating applications to the cloud. At Attunix we work with our clients to target strategic opportunities to enhance and elevate their applications. At the onset of any project, we work with our clients to prioritize specific goals and determine the best use of their IT resources.

    App modernization typically involves one to three major enhancements: re-platforming, simplification and feature extension.

    Read about one of our app modernization success stories with Avanti Markets, a company that transforms breakrooms away from traditional snack vending into modern self-serve convenience stores. We helped Avanti modernize their PoS system and re-platform their retail operating  system to increase overall scalability. This enabled Avanti to grow PoS vending locations by 70%!


    Internet of Things

    At Attunix, internet of things or IoT is one of our favorite topics. IoT is a catchall used to describe physical devices that connect to the internet. We can attribute the decrease in the cost of sensors and  computer hardware to the rise of IoT devices. By 2020 we can expect to live in a world with over 30 billion connected devices.

    At Attunix we help our clients develop and achieve their IoT strategies through the Microsoft IoT cloud platform. From increasing operational efficiency to delivering better customer experiences, IoT deployed in a strategic way can deliver unprecedented insights.

    Read about one of our IoT customer success stories in precision farming with Smart Rows.


    Advanced Analytics

    It’s no secret that the companies that hold the data hold the power. The chasm between companies that leverage data strategically versus those that don’t is widening. Historically, it took capital intensive measures to effectively analyze big data. Now with the cloud, companies can launch and maintain an economic and scalable advanced analytics program to make their data work for them.

    The best analytics programs illuminate actionable insights. From data we should be able to tell what happened (descriptive analytics), why it happened (diagnostic analytics), what will happen (predictive analytics) and most importantly what to do now (prescriptive analytics)? By migrating data assets to the cloud, we help our clients obtain a 360 degree view of their business.

    Some examples of our successful advanced analytics projects include price and margin optimization, product recommendation, market promotion and exception management.

    Check out one of our advanced analytics success stories with Alaska USA Federal Credit Union.