Benefits Chatbots will Bring to the Workplace

  • June 23, 2018

    Benefits Chatbots will Bring to the Workplace

    A recent article published in CMW Wire highlights eight major benefits that chatbots will bring to the workplace. Most people think of chatbots as customer-facing tools that help answer questions online. However, they also present a multitude of benefits for internal functions.

    Employees benefit from chatbots as the technology can relieve them of repetitive, tedious tasks that end up eating a lot of their time. They can spend more time on tasks that require creativity and ingenuity.

    Bringing Back Outsourced Tasks

    Chatbots can present cost savings by automating outsourced tasks. Some of these commonly outsourced tasks include call centers and business processing centers. Instead of paying a service provider to manage these tasks, why not employ the chatbots to do them at a mere fraction of the cost?

    Increased Knowledge in Work

    Employees want a say in the technology they use at work. They become more satisfied when they can execute tasks faster and have easy access to knowledge at their fingertips. Internal information is often scattered across systems and resources. Instead of spending time searching for answers to simple questions such as, “how much credit does this customer have?” imagine simply asking a chatbot and receiving a response in seconds.

    Serving Warm Leads to Sales

    As customers become increasingly comfortable with chatbots, the more salespeople can find out about their preferences before getting involved. Access to warm leads with data up front will empower your salesforce and thus drive up revenue.

    Enhancing B2B Buying Experiences

    Chatbots often get conflated with B2C channels. However, a shift is occurring as chatbots and AI technology improve. Buyers and end users in B2B environments now expect the same levels of customer service as they do in their consumer lives. Chatbots can help bridge that gap. It can also help internal customer service members save time by allowing bots to answer simple questions. Employees can spend more time tackling more complex issues and working on strategic activities.