Attunix is Lending a Hand to the Internet of Things

  • April 1, 2016

    Attunix is Lending a Hand to the Internet of Things

    Attunix is excited to be a part of the future development of the Internet of Things! At Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer’s conference, Microsoft announced that they will now be selling IoT Starter kits from their Azure marketplace. Attunix is excited to be a part of it, developing tutorials to help get the kits up and running with the Azure IoT Suite.

    The starter kits come with basic electrical engineering components, a hardware platform, and sensors. The kits, combined with the Microsoft featured, Attunix tutorials will drive the advancements, making it more accessible to developers. “With development boards, actuators, sensors and easy user-friendly tutorials, now anyone with Windows or Linux experience – whether a student, inventor, device maker, hobbyist or developer – can quickly build IoT prototypes inexpensively” said Scott Guthrie, EVP of Cloud and Enterprise Group at Microsoft.

    Attunix has long been a part of Internet of Things helping our clients reach new opportunities through IoT solutions. We have seen huge IoT success across a number of industries with projects including the automation of cattle sorting, retail PoS advancements, and remote building monitoring.

    As we continue to help clients evolve to the next generation of cloud computing, we are proud to help facilitate the potential for all developers and excited to see what the future holds.

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