Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing B2B Sales

  • June 4, 2018

    Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing B2B Sales

    The B2B sales cycle is complex and can take months or even years to close a deal. The best salespeople know how to add value for their customers. The selling process is so much more than a numbers game. It’s about connection, rapport and identifying the customer’s pain points. It’s about knowing your customer’s business inside and out. It’s about speaking their company and their industry language and not just yours.

    Then again, sales is still a numbers game. The best and most efficient salespeople of the future will leverage technology to catalyze their understanding of their customer, their business and the solutions that make sense for them.

    Artificial intelligence is advancing the business landscape in nearly all facets. A recent article published by MarTech Series outlines the ways in which companies look to AI to take transformative approaches to their sales programs.

    Aiming with Insight

    When researching cold leads, often we’re left with a company page, news articles and perhaps a LinkedIn profile of the decision maker. AI integrated with CRM systems can help curate pertinent information regarding the prospect and some of the issues their company and industry faces. Going in with insight will help galvanize each step of the sales process.

    Curating Leads

    In B2B sales, finding leads can quickly become an arduous task. It can also eat into a sales person’s valuable selling time. A Harvard Business Review study revealed that AI can help salespeople increase their lead volume by up to 50%. It can also help curate the best targets for marketing efforts based on key characteristics of those leads.

    Turning Sales People into Analysts

    AI will potentially eliminate some sales positions as it helps companies increase efficiencies and reduce overhead. It will certainly up the ante for the quality of work salespeople will be expected to perform. By enhancing sales intelligence, B2B salespeople can leverage AI to bring data-driven insights to their meetings.

    On aggregate, incorporating AI into sales will foster better quality B2B partnerships that will reduce waste and potentially improve end customer experiences overall.