App Modernization for the Modern World

  • January 10, 2018

    App Modernization for the Modern World

    App modernization is both a cost effective and efficient way to modernize your business. Essentially, your company takes existing applications it relies on every day and takes them to the next level. At Attunix, we look at app modernization drivers in three major categories; improving customer reach and building new business channels, reducing time to market and total cost of ownership and finally driving and enabling innovation to occur.

    Think of app modernization as a system upgrade but with more innovation and creativity involved in the process. Getting started with the app modernization process can feel daunting. There are so many options available in the marketplace. This article will help demystify the app modernization process to help your company get started.

    Modernization Process

    After defining your use case for app modernization, you’re ready to migrate to the cloud and get started. At Attunix we break down the process into three steps; discover and categorize, design and target and migrate and modernize.

    In the initial stage, discover and categorize, think about your app modernization project as it aligns with your strategic initiatives. What are your organization’s goals for the next year? The next five years? What are your key enablers? After dissecting these key elements for your company’s success, work with your app modernization partners to determine the critical applications that need to evolve to get you there. Like any investment, you will want to consider the best uses for your resources in order to maximize your ROI.

    The second stage, design and target, takes the broader ideas for driving modernization and puts them into tangible changes and upgrades for your applications. At Attunix, we work with our clients to consider each candidate for modernization, what technologies are currently at work and what opportunities exist for simplification or feature extension.

    Cloud Migration and Implementation

    Once the design work is complete, you’re ready to migrate your application to the cloud and get to work. The cloud presents tremendous options and flexibility for your business. The modern business world requires that companies house and leverage massive amounts of data that often outpaces storage within in-house systems. The cloud allows for increased capacity suitable for today’s data requirements.

    At Attunix, we recommend to start small on your first modernization project. Your organization is ultimately in charge of the scope of work. Your first app modernization migration and implementation will lay the framework for subsequent projects and for taking your business to the next level.