4 Questions Answered About Your Microsoft Azure Investment

  • April 24, 2017

    Finding Cost Savings at the Intersection of Business and Technology

    Cloud isn’t the mystery it was a couple of years ago. The trend toward digital transformation is a clear call to action for IT leaders who see that change is now a matter of competitive survival. The question about cloud adoption is no longer why, but rather how.

    Whether you’ve already implemented Microsoft Azure or are considering doing so, the challenge many IT organizations now face is how to use it to its potential. If you’re struggling with understanding the value of your investment in Azure, it might be because your infrastructure isn’t mapping tightly enough to your business goals. This is a common reason IT spend increases after cloud implementation.

    To realize the benefits of the cloud, you need to be sure it satisfies your vision, goals, and challenges. This way, you can quantify the actual value of your cloud adoption, and put governance in place that helps you monitor and control costs.

    Here are four questions we’ve heard from CIOs about their Azure investment, and how Attunix can help:


    In a sea of IT information, how do I uncover the right, ‘need-to-know’ information?

    Alert fatigue is a real thing. There are endless types of data to gather, monitor, consider…so much so that it’s hard to know how to prioritize the most useful information. The key is paying attention to the data that help you avoid runaway spend in the cloud. A simple mistake by an admin can open a firehouse of costly consumption that you might not realize until thousands of dollars have been lost.

    Attunix Managed Service is set up to work with you to identify the right information to align with your goals and architecture. Cost projection and alerting, leveraging machine learning, predicts the hourly usage and alerts you when that doesn’t match the prediction. Attunix also shows you what matters most with dashboards designed specifically for the C-suite.

    Am I reacting to the right issues at the right time?

    Issues can arise when you least expect them, and often go deeper than what’s on the surface. Many of these, though, can be preempted by understanding the patterns of your environment and being alerted to the root of an issue. But it’s a challenge for many IT organizations to respond quickly, especially when issues arise after hours, or worse, when you’re asleep.

    Attunix knows that cloud issues often follow patterns. We use this knowledge to monitor day and night for trouble areas, then triage alerts to identify core issues, even while you’re sleeping. If you’re notified about a critical issue, it’s with suggestion of next steps so you can give a quick green light and go back to bed.


    When IT incidents occur, how do I ensure customers aren’t impacted?

    One of the biggest concerns for IT is ensuring customers never see or are impacted by problems that occur. It’s a matter of your company’s reputation. Swift resolution is critical to keeping the appearance of smooth operations.

    Attunix offers automated remediation to ensure swift resolution to many issues. When the problem is more complex, Attunix is staffed with certified Azure experts who are ready day and night to fix any problem and maintain customer uptime.


    How do I govern and manage cloud costs?

    Governance and cost management can be a challenge in the cloud. It’s no wonder that almost 60% of IT leaders report exceeding cloud budgets, while 44% struggle to hold lines of business accountable for cloud spending.* To manage costs, you need solid governance that works to ensure your operational vision is being met.

    Attunix improves your cost management by mapping costs to business value delivered, which enables you to analyze trends and take action with measurable impact to cost. We proactively rightsize resources to reduce waste and ensure performance. Based on your budget, Attunix monitors the variance against business value and departmental cost centers to give you the highest business value from your cloud investment.

    Business changes fast. The more you understand about Azure’s intersection of business and technology, the more you can get out of the cloud and harness the potential of your IT operations.


    *State of Cloud Readiness Study, 2016.