3 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Modernize Apps for Mobile

  • January 28, 2018

    3 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Modernize Apps for Mobile

    Companies today all feel the pressure to modernize. Especially venerable, established businesses that may feel blindside or outflanked by startups seemingly coming out of left field. While it’s always important to keep pace with market trends, innovation is evolving faster than ever before. Scaling new technologies has also never been easier with cloud applications.

    Whether your business model is business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B), mobile applications have changed the way companies interact with their customers. Mobile apps create an omni-channel environment where our customers can communicate with us, retrieve information and purchase goods and services. Modernizing and updating these valuable tools plays an important role in digital transformations. At Attunix, we ask our clients three questions to guide the modernization process.

    Where do your Opportunities Exist?

    Before launching into any project, look at your existing infrastructure, customer base and align with your business goals. At Attunix we call this the discover and categorize process. During the modernization process, you want to use your business resources wisely. The beauty of modernization is that it takes existing tools and platforms and takes them to the next level. You want your strategic enablers and initiatives to drive modernization that will create new opportunities for your organization.

    How to Design and Target Effectively?

    Next in the modernization process we take a look at each opportunity and evaluate the design process. What technologies are currently at work? Based on the assessment of opportunities to derive from current infrastructure, we can pinpoint what needs re-platforming, opportunities for simplification and candidates for feature extensions. We coined this stage design and target. This step is critical for cost savings and maximizing ROI.

    What is the Scope of your Modernization Project?

    If it’s your company’s first modernization project, we suggest to start small. Most of our modernization efforts take a few weeks, but some take up to a few months. The key to a successful modernization project is to achieve your objectives without any service interruptions and minimal internal disruption. Setting the scope will determine the course of action required to maintain operational normalcy throughout the duration of the project.

    Technological expectations are evolving. Workers growing up in the mobile age are taking the role of decision makers. The same conveniences and user experiences consumer apps provide are increasingly becoming status quo for enterprise as well. Making app modernization a priority in your digital transformation will give your organization a competitive edge in today’s increasingly mobile business climate.