3 Benefits of Implementing an Enterprise Data Warehouse

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    February 13, 2019

    3 Benefits of Implementing an Enterprise Data Warehouse

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    EDW explained

    Conceptually, the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) has been around since the 80’s. Today, EDWs have become known as the foundational part of a successful business intelligence organization, increasing business value dramatically. In essence, an EDW is a centralized data store that houses all corporate data, including historical data, associated with an organization. The centralized data housed in the EDW can be accessed by all authorized users to support business analysis, reporting, integrations, and other analytics workloads.

    Top 3 benefits

    The advantages of an effective EDW are many, but here are 3 benefits of utilizing a data warehouse:

    • More accurate decision-making. The EDW integrates all existing disparate data sources and makes them accessible in one place. This data repository allows business leaders to make more accurate decisions from a single version of truth.
    • Quick and easy access to data. Securing all data sources into one place allows business users to quickly access the data they need and rapidly make informed decisions on key initiatives. The EDW simplifies the data retrieval process, so there’s more time for business leaders to innovate.
    • Enhances data quality and consistency. Typically, the EDW takes all disparate data sources and converts them into a common format. As the individual business units begin to utilize the data warehouse to make queries and reports, teams will produce results that are consistent with the other business units—and when data is standardized, you can have confidence in its accuracy.

    Implementing an EDW

    Architecting an EDW can be complicated and time-consuming. That said, businesses that have implemented data warehouses and complementary BI platforms generate more revenue and save more money than businesses that do not choose to modernize their data warehouses and reporting platforms.

    Recently, Attunix helped insurance comparison marketplace QuoteWizard to scope out a more effective data warehouse, and QuoteWizard’s return on investment has been remarkable. Learn more about the success of QuoteWizard’s new EDW here.