2018 DevOps Conferences to Get Inspired

  • April 23, 2018

    2018 DevOps Conferences to Get Inspired

    Conferences open up opportunities to learn, network and get inspired. A recent article by TechGenix highlights some of the country’s largest DevOps conferences still to come in 2018. Depending on your organization’s goals, you may want to consider attending one.

    Red Hat Summit May 8-10, San Francisco

    This conference features 130 sessions and nearly 300 speakers. Featured keynote speakers represent a variety of industries such as tech, nonprofit and hospitality. The summit will showcase the newest and best in cloud computing, virtualization and management technologies. The agenda includes featured speakers, training sessions and hands on labs.

    Microsoft Ignite September 24-28, Orlando

    The Microsoft conference will bring together technology professionals from all over the globe to share the latest insights on the future of cloud computing, big data, business intelligence, teamwork and productivity. Ignite will feature keynote speakers and hands-on demos to discover some of the latest Microsoft tools and technologies. Microsoft advertises that 91% of attendees reported obtaining a better understanding of and proficiency with the tools presented after attending the conference.

    Oracle OpenWorld October 22-25, San Francisco

    Oracle seems to be making up for lost time in the world of major cloud vendors. After getting a somewhat late start in the cloud computing game, Oracle acquired a number of cloud technology companies such as Iron.io and Wercker to catch up. Like Ignite, OpenWorld will feature keynote speakers, demos and insights from industry leaders in an effort to position its products favorably to cloud computing and DevOps professionals.

    AWS re:Invent November 26-30, Las Vegas

    re:Invent may be the most fun cloud conference to attend in 2018. Hosted by Amazon Web Services, the conference features speakers, breakout sessions and lots of entertainment. In AWS style, the company will use re:Invent as a stage to announce new products, updates and capabilities in their cloud computing services.

    Depending on your organization’s focus this year, you may want to attend one or more of the featured DevOps conferences of 2018 to educate yourself on new products and updates, learn from industry leaders and reinvigorate your DevOps mission.