Attunix was founded on a simple and core principle – to deliver real and relevant business results for our clients. To be clear, this statement is less about what we do, and more about who we are. It starts with individual accountability and is reinforced by a company culture that values the essence of what it means to serve – taking a vested interest in the challenges before us and taking responsibility to help achieve the desired outcomes.

We work really hard to get to know your business and equally important, your customers. Aligning to provide your customers the greatest experience of your products and services is our main mission.

Our Story

We love technology. But more importantly, we love the impact it can have on business. Back in 2006 we started Attunix with a vision to create solutions that delivered tighter alignment between the strategic business goals and technology – effectively “ATTUNing” the business. Just 3 guys in a basement, we started from a point of experience having delivered large integration projects on the front edge of business change and opportunity. Many projects involving machine to machine communication, sensor monitoring, and developing new SaaS services to bring to market.

Fast forward 10 years and not much has changed in our DNA – but our toolbox has evolved. Our investments in Cloud, Data, and Device technologies allows us to design and deliver solutions for our clients much faster and with the greatest impact.

Attunix founders

Why are we different?

  • High-skilled team with over 10+ years of experience in tech

  • Strong partnerships with international companies

  • Focused on delivering results

  • Helping local small and large businesses reach their goals

  • Helping you define your business goals and steps to achieve them

  • Explore our Solutions

Our Perspective

While IT-Business alignment remains one of the the top CIO concerns year over year, our view of it has certainly changed.  No longer is this a challenge of bringing two things into alignment but rather two things into one.  

Technology is pervasive in our work and personal lives. We regularly hear our clients define themselves as “Technology companies that build trucks/planes/buildings/community/etc”.  The lines have also blurred within the organization on who is driving technology innovation.  Technical innovation is occurring through business lines where the speed of change and differentiation is a market driver.  The rate of technology change and commoditization of IT can create a real challenge…but also a real opportunity when the vision of company is front and center.  

Line of Business owners engage with us because we approach problems from a business perspective and create differentiated solutions for their market.  CIOs engage with us because we can help enable their teams to meet the needs of the business in new and innovative ways.

Great things happen when we are given the opportunity to meld these two aims.

Our Promise

Integrity, Responsibility, Quality, Commitment.  It’s through these values that all our offerings, delivery methodology, engagement approach, and technology selection are vetted – you have a goal in mind, and when you work with Attunix, we guarantee our commitment to you reaching that goal.

That’s our promise – This is the “Attunix Way.” By investing in the right PEOPLE, perfecting our SKILLS AND PROCESS, building a CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE, and focusing on our CUSTOMERS at all times, we create an environment where real and relevant business results naturally occur.

How can we help you?

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